Haru School Network supports schools in their pursuit towards meaningful work, good will, dialogue, consensus, and common values. The aim is a healthy school environment characterized by openness, complicity and personal growth.

The work in Haru is grounded in a humanistic view of man, positive pedagogy, positive leadership and the goals in the National Curriculum for the development of individuals and comprehensive competences. Haru works for a safe and affirmative school environment, for the well being of young people and for giving them opportunities to find themselves and their own potential.

Based on the stories by Tove Jansson and with reading as a tool, Haru works with socioemotional skills such as empathy and collaborative skills. Our mission is to strengthen children and young people in their development towards being good, harmonic individuals who take joint responsibility for a sustainable society. We want to give pupils the opportunities to be the best version of themselves.

Haru gathers actors, shares knowledge and good models. By cultivating an active culture of sharing, searching for synergies and new forms of collaboration and also avoid competing activities to arise, Haru will gather all the good that is done in schools and organizations that work for the same aims. Together we can inspire and learn from each other!